Marleen Vermeulen

In a nutshell :


After obtaining my Master of Laws at the Antwerp University, I started my career with Bank Brussel Lambert where I did different jobs like Risk Management, Corporate banking, Wholesale Banking, Investment Banking.

BBL was then acquired by ING.


After 16 years BBL/ING, I joined ABN Amro Bank in Corporate Banking.


3 years later I became in ABN Amro Bank Global Relationship Manager for 10 international Diamond Groups within the International Diamond and Jewelry Group Business Unit.


Again 3 years later, I joined my largest client, Eurostar Diamond Traders NV , an international diamond manufacturer and trading group where I was responsible internationally, for Banking, Group Structure and Capitalisation, Insurance, Tax Optimisation, Business Planning and Legal.


As told in my mission statement, I would like to use my experience and expertise to add value to CEO’s and Executives who are in for change and personal and organisational transformation.

I have a direct, open approach, no nonsense and the only way to move on is to pinpoint and detect first the real problems / issues before a solution for change can come on the table .

Very often people’s egos stand in the way and once they are aware of this, everything is possible !

CEO’s can feel very lonely at the top and sometimes also struggle with their Board of Directors and/or Shareholders, then an external advisor on the side can bring a lot of clarity and help to tackle the dilemmas .

That is exactly what I do!

I want to bring added value there with my intuition, expertise and experience!

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